About Us

There is growing interest from local and international companies, many in the extractive, agricultural and tourism industries, to expand business operations on the African continent. Local and international business operating in Africa are directly affected by malaria in the form of employee deaths, absenteeism and lost productivity. Effective and sustainable malaria control not only improves productivity and saves lives, but also helps to build good relations with local governments and the surrounding communities.


IMCC has over 25 years combined experience in malaria vector control programs; this includes large regional projects in support of national programs in South Africa, Swaziland, and Mozambique, as well as public/private programs in Zambia. IMCC has several successful integrated malaria vector control programs for mines operating in sub Saharan Africa.

IMCC provides a cost effective and sustainable integrated malaria control consultancy service that is based on sound scientific principles and international best practices and standards. Our integrated approach to malaria control focuses on vector control strategies based on the biology of the mosquito, the epidemiology of the disease, and human behavioural patterns. We specialize in the planning, implementation and support of integrated malaria vector control programs at regional, workplace and community level and we build the required malaria control capacity through onsite training to ensure sustainable and effective malaria vector control. Our collaboration network includes world renowned academic and advocacy groups and institutions in Africa, America and Europe.

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